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AI Impact Mastery: Revolutionising Learning and Development
8 June, 2024
Fuse Founder and Chairman, Steve Dineen, speaking at World of Learning 2024
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AI-Driven Learning Transformation
7 June, 2024
A jam-packed webinar with Lyn Warren and Ritu Kiran discussing how L&D leaders can begin the transformation of L&D, comms and productivity by utilising the power of AI.
Learning Tech Talks: Cracking The Content Blackbox
6 June, 2024

Deep learning needs to be dynamic with contextual recommendations using content created by people who are actually within an organisation.

How To Drive Purposeful Engagement With Your Audience
6 June, 2024

So you’ve built a learning experience designed to be delivered in an engaging way. But wait! We’re not done just yet. How do you keep people coming back for more after you’ve hit the share button?

Solving The Learning Engagement Problem
6 June, 2024

Learning platforms are meant to engage employees so they can connect with the expertise they need to improve their skills and performance. However, when companies don’t understand how to foster engagement effectively, employees (and the companies they work for!) may end up not reaping the expected benefits of programs and resources on offer.

Learner Engagement and Performance: From Correlation to Causation
6 June, 2024

It’s not enough that learners are completing learning programs. The real question is, are they engaged enough to actually change their behaviour and apply new skills? Are they engaged enough to keep coming back to continuously grow and develop?

Can You Prove the Value of Your L&D Department?
6 June, 2024

It's a big question. How do you prove business value with L&D? Luckily we have the answer. 

Methods to Enable Learning in Today's Orgs
6 June, 2024

It’s no secret that the pandemic forced most L&D functions to completely rethink their traditional, in-person, course-oriented learning playbooks. Traditional methods can no longer keep up with the way learning happens in orgs today, let alone help orgs get ahead.  

How to Build Learning Experiences That Drive Engagement
6 June, 2024

You've learned how to design what the business needs. Now it's time to connect the business goals with the learning experience and bring the learning to life. 

Engagement - The Secret Sauce to Organisational Learning Success
6 June, 2024

This Fuse hosted webinar brings together a panel of successful practitioners & thought leaders in our industry to share the lessons they have learned in driving learning engagement.

Making your mind up: how do ideas spread in L&D?
18 May, 2024
Catch up with Don Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, as he discusses what makes an idea take off in the field of L&D. For learning leaders looking to unpick the social, environmental and psychological factors that impact decision making in the world of L&D, this webinar is essential viewing.
Developing a continuous learning culture
11 May, 2024
Catch up with Nigel Paine, Leading Learning Consultant and Author, as he discusses the framework for building a culture of continuous learning in the workplace and how to embed learning into every part of your business.
Crawl, Walk, Run: the first three steps to a more effective L&D strategy
4 May, 2024
The age of a learning strategy doesn’t necessarily align with its maturity. This webinar will give you the tools to assess the maturity level of your learning function’s core capabilities and find out what good looks like.
Sharing Lessons on Hilti’s Transformation from Training to Learning Organisation
30 June, 2022
With 1 million+ content views per month, Hilti has created their own Corporate Brain. Rachel Hutchinson shares insights into Hilti's transformation from a training to a learning organisation.
Can you prove the value of your L&D department?
9 March, 2022
Catch up with Rachel Hutchinson, Director of Learning and Development at Hilti, as she shares how they flipped the model from starting with learning outcomes and then questioning measurement, to designing backwards from business value.
Business As Unusual: Building Higher Value into Learning
8 March, 2022
Catch up with Charles Jennings, Co-Founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, and Steve Dineen, CEO and Chief Storyteller of Fuse Universal, as they explore the perfect blend of the 70:20:10 theory and Fuse and its successes with modernising L&D, readying it for the constantly changing business world.
Bringing Social Learning to Life at Merck and MSD
5 March, 2022
Catch up with Merck's Chief Learning Officer, T.J. Harvey, alongside Nancy Longo and Kathy Patton as they explore what social learning means and how they brought it to life at Merck to increase performance and engagement.
The Learning Battle - LMS vs LXP vs Learning Platform
4 March, 2022
Choosing the wrong Learning Platform can be expensive and damaging for a business – this webinar will cut through the jargon and explain the differences between the top 3 types of learning systems: Learning Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms, and Integrated Learning Platforms.
Twenty-twenty mission: Making the shift from learning value to business value
27 February, 2022
Catch up with Laura Overton, Learning Industry Analyst, as she discusses how businesses can make the shift from learning value to business value.
High impact, high performance: Shifting learning into the flow of work
26 February, 2022
Catch up with Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at CIPD, as he discusses the importance of learning being delivered in the flow of work.
Enable sales. Enable knowledge sharing. Enable your learning tribe.
24 February, 2022
Catch up with EdTech specialists Christer Sandin & Calle Stahl from Minerva, as they talk about improving a company Tribe with social collaboration.
How IHG is delivering global onboarding and professional development to 5,500 leaders
20 February, 2022
Catch up with Shane de Saram, Global Leadership Manager from IHG, as he talks about what was key to improving their learners’ experiences, engagement and interaction.
How Cosmetics Giant Avon Increased Business Value Through a Culture of Learning
24 September, 2020
Steve Dineen, President of Fuse Universal, and Andy Stamps, Digital Experience Designer at Avon, will be discussing the key ingredients to designing and facilitating a learning culture that increases business value.