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Connect your learning world

Supplement your internal knowledge with the knowledge of the best external experts. We have connectors to the very best providers:

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Connect it. Search it. Find it.

We have the learning industry's most powerful deep search engine to get your workforce to the knowledge they need, quickly.


Fuse searches inside your content, dramatically improving relevancy.

Employees can use natural language to mirror the Google search experience.

Make use of our powerful filters to quickly find what you need when you don’t know what to search for.


Make your knowledge available in the flow

By centralising your knowledge in fuse, you can take advantage of the industry’s most advanced search engine and place your learning experience into the flow of work.

We make sense of your created and connected content, unlocking the knowledge within and translating it into 50 languages.

Our natural language, deep search, gets you to knowledge faster.

Our fuse Flow product line connects knowledge to the workflow through search and feeds.

Learn more about knowledge in the flow here: