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What is an LXP?

First, let's get the abbreviation out of the way.

An LXP is a Learning Experience Platform whose purpose is to engage people in learning through a more user-centric design, versus a traditional LMS which was born out of the need to “manage” and report on training activities as its primary purpose. 

Some LXPs, such as Fuse, have the option to integrate with an existing LMS, such as SAP or Workday, or to be the one platform that covers the needs of LMS and LXP.

Generally, companies with less than 20,000 people prefer one platform that has both LMS and LXP functionality, whereas larger companies who already have a Workday or SAP LMS, will find it hard to replace. They would typically want an LXP to sit in front of their LMS so as to reduce the amount of change, whilst benefiting from more modern learning functionality .



7 Key Features of the Fuse LXP


1. Learning In The Flow and AI Search

Fuse’s search utilises the most advanced generative AI capabilities, allowing it to not only instantly find content but to deeply understand the content within a document, course or video.

Fuse uniquely has the ability to surface the perfect knowledge to complete any task within 2 clicks and 10 seconds, including the answer to any question.

Our approach to learning in the flow ensures that learning becomes a natural part of the work process, enabling users to acquire new skills and knowledge in real-time.


2. Skills Development & Personalised Recommendations

Fuse uniquely addresses the skills needed for both front line and back-office workforces. Our AI intelligently tags all content and creates personalised feeds for each individual based on their knowledge, skills gaps, and system feedback.

Learners can apply, practice, and receive feedback on their skills, extending the learning experience into performance improvement. As a collaborative platform, Fuse also taps into existing workforce skills and tacit knowledge, fostering an accelerated way for skills to remain in the current valuable learning environment.


3. Social Learning With A Frictionless Content Creation Experience

With Fuse, social learning is not just a feature; it's a strategic tool for building a more knowledgeable, productive, and connected workforce.

Users can actively engage, discuss, and contribute their own knowledge, making learning an integral part of their daily routine. This facilitates the creation of a vibrant community-based learning experience, bringing learning to life and creating a sense of belonging and connection among users. This approach not only enhances individual performance but also drives organisational growth and innovation.





4. Integrations

Fuse’s platform takes personalisation to the next level with seamless integrations, blending your HR, skills and talent data - along with the fuse data - to develop a living hyper-personalised experience.

For us, it's more than just integration; it's about unlocking a world of resources with connections to renowned libraries like LinkedIn and Udemy, key websites, internal resources, or even other LMS’s such as Workday or SAP, to create a seamless front door to all learning and knowledge.

And it’s also using these integrations to bring learning into the flow whether that is within MS Teams, a browser based app such as Salesforce, or fuse itself.


5. Translation Across 50 Languages

Fuse are huge believers in inclusive and personalised learning, which is why we’re passionate about utilising the most advanced AI to remove language as a barrier to learn. We extend beyond simply having the interface in 50  languages, to using the most  advanced AI to translate all text within fuse, including video captions.

Learners can either click a translate button to dynamically translate articles and comments, or learning professionals can set up content so that learners will automatically be surfaced content in their preferred language.

Our latest AI makes your fuse corporate brain language-independent, allowing any answer to be retrieved in your preferred language.



6. Gamification, Recognition & Rewards

Boost user engagement, foster healthy competition, and transform your educational experience with our LXP's gamification features. Explore a new dimension of learning that captivates, motivates, and inspires your workforce.


7. Enhanced Data Insights, Analytics, and Reporting

Fuse Analytics is a powerful tool that provides detailed insights, utilising 350+ user behaviours, it enables you to analyse user engagement, content consumption, learning plan completion, event attendance, and much much more. The out of the box and customisable, filterable charts, graphs, and reports help identify trends and gaps in user knowledge/skills and assists with planning future learning strategies.

Fuse also offers the ability to automatically push data to 3rd party platforms such as Power BI, Snowflake or an LRS so that your data can be integrated for even more insights.

Key Benefits of an LXP

Enables a learning culture:
As LXPs are able to add more learning moments such as learning in the flow, bite size learning, and social learning, they are able to create new learning habits which create a multiplier effect on engagement and platform usage.
Improves productivity:
LXPs, when used well, improve productivity by making it easier for employees to find the learning or knowledge they need, when they need it. They make it easy for people to stay up to speed in new learning, knowledge and information needed to do their job well. No more long email chains and lost information, LXPs promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, helping to boost productivity and team performance.
Accelerates job competency and career path learning:
An LXP can help accelerate job competency by curating skills gaps to learning experiences.
Improves collaboration:
LXPs improve collaboration by making it easy for employees to share knowledge and work together on projects.
Save money:
An LXP can save money not only by increasing workforce productivity but through consolidation of platforms, more effective use of classroom training and reducing translation costs.
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