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Internal communications system for your workforce

Fuse increases the productivity of our customers' workforce by enabling them to easily stay informed and up to date with the information they need them to know.



“Google” like search

Knowledge is changing faster than ever and we are throwing more and more knowledge at our workforce to keep them informed. It is impossible for our people to recall everything when they need it. Fuse has invested heavily in a suite of technology and AI to solve this problem, providing a Google like search experience, enabling them to significantly reduce the time to the task done well, creating a huge productivity boost across roles.


Stay informed easier

Fuse’s unique AI creates automated hyper-personalised feeds for each role, helping each role to stay informed and have higher quality conversations with your customers. The increase in their confidence in the ability to perform their job leads to an increase in measurable staff retention.


Know what’s working

Fuse makes it simple for communication specialists to move away from email and the reliance on line managers to cascade messages.

A change in policy or product can be constructed, landed, and analysed with immediate feedback to the whole workforce or a segment of it.


Employee engagement & retention

Before fuse, many of our clients would only reach 10% of their workforce.

They now connect with 100% of their workforce using media their people want to be communicated with, such as video and rich web articles, creating far greater engagement.

Leaders now talk directly to front-line staff through bite-size videos, answering their questions and delivering exciting or difficult messages.


Reduce the cost of multiple platforms

Many of our customers use fuse to reduce the number of platforms their workforce have to go to in order to find an answer o r stay informed. As well as using fuse for product launches, updates, promotions, recalls, and alerts, fuse is the go to place for customers’ procedures and FAQs. Combining this with fuse’s use as the leading learning platform, creates a simple to use front door experience for its workforce to go and create the daily habits to stay informed, learn and find answers to any task in hand.


No need for an email address

Fuse is designed to minimise the friction for your workforce to connect and we are constantly breaking down barriers, whether that is the need for an email address, geography, device or language. Your front-line workers and head office teams can choose to connect with the device and app of their preference whether that is the fuse native app for shop floor workers, or accessing fuse via MS Teams for head office.






Simple posting and notifications

Fuse supports the simple posting of any content type and each post can be targeted at just the relevant audience, whether that is a role, geography, or community. Each audience will be notified and nudged. Comms can be scheduled to be posted and released at a specific time and fuse analytics can inform us of that optimum time for that audience to send. Comments can be turned off of or on for each post to stop or encourage 2 way communication.


Personalised homepage

Fuse audiences allow for the customisation and layout of each audience homepage by role, division, or market and help to make sure that each audience is surfaced and nudged with the most relevant communications content. Featured content is often used to promote recent comms to increase visibility.


Intelligent Feeds

Fuse customers can configure role based feeds utilising our unique indexing AI. Once configured intelligent feeds will prioritise content to watch based on a person's role, geography and preferred language. These feeds can be configured in a Netflix or YouTube-style manner creating an increased familiarity to your workforce.



Universal Analytics provides the capability to understand any data related to over 300 data points. As well as the out-of-the-box dashboards, company specific dashboards can be developed within a day that maps to your organisational structure. Giving you both a helicopter view and the capability to drive down into the country, division, or team to see where engagement is high and where it isn't.

Data can be easily exported easily to correlate against business data to measure the impact of keeping your comms strategy.



Fuse’s AI automatically transcribes and translates content and conversations in more than 50 languages.




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