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About Fuse

We started with students
The fuse platform was born out of fuseSchool, a charitable foundation started by Steve Dineen that empowers millions of learners around the globe, giving them access to a world-class education for free - anytime, anywhere.
Then we expanded into the enterprise world.
What Steve learned at fuseschool was how to take a passion for bite-size learning and apply it to some of the biggest enterprises in the world.

He understood that there was an opportunity, and a growing need, to create learning content that captured the tacit knowledge of subject-matter-experts and top performers, and then to distribute that knowledge throughout the organisation in a format that is both engaging and impactful.

And now, we're a trusted platform for some of the world's biggest brands

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Simply submit a demo request and our team can give you a quick preview of our platform. It's a great opportunity to explain your goals, ask questions, and better understand how Fuse can meet your L&D requirements.