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Platform Capabilities

Fuse Learning Platform

Connect your employees and create deeper learning experiences to ignite their performance.


Enable your entire organisation to share their expertise through:


Spark conversation and drive deeper learning with:


Measure the impact of learning on performance using:

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Why Fuse?

Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.


Tips, and best practices on modern learning and engagement.

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the learning platform that ignites people performance

Connect your people with the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their skills and perform.

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FUSE IS Used by over 150 progressive organisations worldwide

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Deep learning that fuels business performance

A learning platform that understands that ‘learning’ doesn't happen within the boundaries of courses like traditional LMS' and LXPs.


Fuse lets you create deep learning experiences in-flow and in-context,  so you’ll have superior learning outcomes and a more highly skilled workforce.


Fuse’s content and social structure have people coming back for more as they pursue their own active learning experience with purpose.

Success Stories

What we love about Fuse is that it has the ability to bring together Learning, Policy, and Communications into one central location where our workforce (who is disparate across the country) can connect and actually engage with the content presented.
Topher Olsen

Topher Olsen
 Vice President of Learning and Development, Roscoe Property

Fuse has been and continues to be unique in the market place in terms of the features it has and integration it is now promising across many software applications. It's allowed us to grow as a business and stay connected to a national workforce and its encouraged us to digitise our learning delivery to our clients.
Phil Whitehouse

Phil Whitehouse
Head of Curriculum and Learning Technologies, Lifetime Training

I spend a few hours a day travelling, which the Fuse app has now converted into productive working hours for me. Cuts out emails (thank you), improves my team collaboration and means we’re up to date with the latest info / version of things. I now only receive emails from external people, so my work flow is way more productive.

User: LucyBee123
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The decision-making factors for us were two-fold - 1: The ability to house both our learning and communication in one platform, and 2: a platform built around 70:20:10 to maximize the impact of learning and communication.
Renee Sanabria

Renee Sanabria
Vice President of Learning and Development,HearingLife

I think what I love most about this app is that I can access everything I need, all in the one place. We often think of our smartphones as the hub to everything, and when it comes to work, all I really want to be is efficient and have answers as instant as I ask them. Fuse is fantastic for this and I highly recommend companies adopting this into their training for their employees!

User: Blaaaaaaaa0101
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