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Fuse Learning Platform

Connect your employees and create deeper learning experiences to ignite their performance.


Enable your entire organisation to share their expertise through:


Spark conversation and drive deeper learning with:


Measure the impact of learning on performance using:

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Why Fuse?

Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.

Why Fuse?

Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.


Tips, and best practices on modern learning and engagement.

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Featured Webinar

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learning data: stop ticking the box and start moving the business forward

Host(s): Steve Dineen, President and Founder, Fuse and Sonja Prest, CEO and Co-Founder, Atom Collaboration

In this practical webinar, Fuse President, Steve Dineen and Sonja Prest, Co-Founder of Atom Collaboration explore how to use data and iterative processes to get better learning outcomes. 

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On-demand Webinars

Dave and Steve

Learner engagement And performance: From correlation to causation

David Wentworth, Brandon Hall Group, and Steve Dineen, Fuse, got together to look at how companies can shift from a correlation between engagement and performance, to causation. 

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Performance Delta Panel

Using learning and business data to close the performance delta

Fuse’s Founder and President, Steve Dineen, chatted with a panel of learning industry experts to discover how they moved away from measuring the impact of course completions towards a new set of metrics that are a far better indicator of business performance!.

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Fuse Webinar Panel

Solving the learning engagement problem

L&D must partner with the business by tapping into tacit knowledge and SMEs in order to create resources and experiences which drive measurable value and performance. Steve Dineen sat down with Fuse customers to discuss the power of SME learner relationships in driving engagement. 

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Steve Dineen Andy Stamps

How Avon increased business value through a culture of learning

In partnership with Fuse, and in only 90 days Avon saw an increase in revenue and employee retention, proving that actively engaged learners impact business performance. 

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Session 1: How to design a purposeful learning experience for your people

In the first session of L&D performance series, Ilona Brannen explores how to design purposeful and engaging learning experiences that drive business performance from the get-go.

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Rhys Giles

Session 2: How to build an active learning engine that drives engagement

In the second session of our L&D performance series, we talk about how to build learning experiences around an active learning framework that can deliver measurable business impact.

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Rhys Giles James Hampton Shane CB

Session 3: How to drive purposeful engagement with your audience

In the third session of our L&D performance series, we're joined by Fuse customer, James Hampton from Seasalt, to talk about purposeful engagement, and the metrics that matter.

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Emma Schul Alice Collier-Niblett

Session 4: How L&D can get comfortable talking about data 

In the fourth session of our L&D performance series, Emma Schul was joined by Alice Collier-Niblett from Monzo to talk about practical steps to start measuring and making data-driven decisions.

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Rachel Hutchinson Dave Westwood

Session 5: How to talk learning performance with the business

In the final session of our L&D performance series, Dave Westwood was joined by Rachel Hutchinson, from Hilti to discuss how her L&D team evolved to drive business performance.

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Paul Matthews

How to build learning transfer into your L&D strategy

In this webinar, Paul Matthews explains how to build learning transfer into your learning strategy and shows you how to ensure that learning translates into new behaviours.

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Steve Dineen Donna Johnston


Steve Dineen and Donna Johnston host a masterclass for L&D leaders about how to enable organisations to become and stay agile for the future.

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Nigel Paine

How to develop a continuous learning culture 

In this session, Nigel Paine, Leading Learning Consultant and Author discusses the framework for building a culture of continuous learning and how to embed learning into every part of your business.

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Andy Lancaster

Shifting learning into the flow of work 

Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning at CIPD, hosted a discussion about the importance of learning being delivered in the flow of work.

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