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AI-driven Knowledge and Learning Platform

AI-driven Knowledge That Amplifies Results

Fuse’s AI-driven learning platform makes more knowledge accessible and delivers it in context at the point of need in the workflow.

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How Fuse AI Benefits You

Empower Employee Learning

Fuse’s AI platform is so intuitive people don’t even think about learning as they use it to solve problems and level up in the flow of work.

Go Beyond

Go Beyond

Go beyond the classroom, content tools, and information sources by offering an intuitive search mode for a modern corporate brain that connects employees to knowledge in the flow of work. Get relevant information at employees' fingertips to help them learn and grow in productivity.

Increases Understanding

AI scans documents from different sources, transcribes videos to catch those answers to questions contextually, and listens to SMEs explain things on the fly. Then the AI engine puts it all together in a natural way, so when you have a specific question, it can find the answer no matter where the knowledge lives.

03_Increases Understanding
Improves Accessibility Flow

Improves Accessibility in the Flow

Building on understanding what your organisation knows, Natural Language Processing (NLP) can make knowledge easily accessible. AI can understand the context of the user’s query and dynamically filter search results to increase accuracy and relevance.

Maximizes Other Learning Investments

L&D teams can use AI to enable knowledge trapped inside content libraries to be easily added to the corporate brain, and then accessed via natural language search.

Maximizes Other Learning
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Breaks Down Barriers

AI allows platforms to become smarter — because they better understand the context of your query or situation — and get you to the knowledge that you need to reach and remain at peak performance throughout the organisation.

Fuse AI Ebook

Power Up Digital Learning

Want to learn how AI can power up digital learning and productivity? Fuse has created an ebook to walk you through how an AI-driven corporate brain can help you realise exponential business growth.

Fuse Features You Need

AI Tools for Exponential Business Growth

Search Tacit Knowledge

Fuse’s AI listens to SMEs in the flow of work and records and catalogs tacit knowledge for employees to use in the flow of work.

Search Videos

AI searches and catalogs videos so employees can find the information they need without scanning an entire video.

Curate the Best World Experts Into Your Corporate Brain

When L&D teams plug a content library into Fuse, it goes through the Fuse AI tools, which means we can take it, analyse it, enrich it, and make it instantly accessible in our intelligent search engine. More than searchable, we make it findable.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes knowledge accessible in as few steps as possible. Just like with a Google search, AI can understand the intent of the user’s query and dynamically filter search results to increase accuracy and relevance.

49 Languages

AI reads transcripts and video subtitles, as well as converts comments and conversations, in the user’s chosen language. The results are multilingual conversations that happen seamlessly in-platform, which removes language as a barrier.