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A Passion to Unlock Knowledge That Drives Performance


In 2008, we started out with students, finding the most passionate person on a subject, interviewing them, and turning those insights into content. We knew we were on to something.

Our Story

Built to Set Knowledge Free

Fuse is built on a simple idea: Solving the problem of capturing and digitizing the tacit knowledge of experts in your organization and making that knowledge universally accessible.


We started with students

We started with FuseSchool, a charitable foundation started by Steve Dineen that empowers millions of learners around the globe by giving them access to a world-class education for FREE — anytime, anywhere. It currently has more than 10 million learners with a goal of 100 million by 2023. 

As exciting as this has been, we knew there was an even larger area of need.

We Expanded to the Enterprise

What Steve learned from FuseSchool was how to take a passion for bite-size learning and apply it to some of the biggest enterprises in the world. When he looked at the need to access learning and knowledge at work, Steve understood that there was an opportunity and need to create learning content that captured the tacit knowledge of subject-matter experts and top performers, then distributed that knowledge throughout the organization. 

So our journey began...
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Video Content and Social Learning

We merged the learning aspects of YouTube with the social aspects of LinkedIn.

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A Peer-to-Peer Approach

We created a real peer-to-peer approach where they can click a button and upload content and get it to the end user.


Combined Into a Platform

We combined this into a learning management platform for sharing content.

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Focused on Human Behavior

We developed humility-based coaching and observations so everyone can practice in a safe place.

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Added Analytics

We added universal analytics to show how access to knowledge increased employee and customer NPS, as well as other learning impacts on performance.

advanced to AI and Fuse Flow_icon

Advanced to AI and Creating Fuse Flow

Now we’ve advanced to AI — where we take the tacit and explicit knowledge in an organization and bring it all together into one corporate brain creating Fuse Flow, which can predict the knowledge you need in the moment. It gives you the same type of access at work as what Google gives you in your private life.

As exciting as the journey has been so far, we are only getting started. We hope you will join us for the ride.
Our Founder

About Steve Dineen

Steve Dineen founded Fuse in 2008 as an enterprise learning and knowledge platform that ignites people performance through active engagement and positive learning experiences. He has long been driven by one clear mission: forever change enterprise learning and development. He is a serial tech entrepreneur who, prior to founding Fuse, successfully scaled and sold the UK digital learning venture Fuel, a company that became Europe’s second-largest bespoke digital learning company, servicing 40 of the FTSE 100.

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Our core values

Our Team

Fuse Leadership

Steve Dineen
Steve Dineen
Founder and President

Steve has long been driven by one clear mission: to democratise education for all through continuous innovation in learning tech. Prior to founding Fuse, Steve successfully scaled and sold UK elearning venture Fuel — a company that became Europe’s second-largest bespoke elearning company, servicing 40 of the FTSE 100.

Steve’s biggest professional achievement to date is founding FuseSchool — an educational platform that delivers GCSE-grade education to anyone in the world, for free. Ten years on, Steve is incredibly proud to see this initiative helping 10 million learners around the world every year.

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Luke Oubridge
Luke Oubridge
Chief Executive Officer

Luke is passionate about helping innovative tech businesses to grow and reach their full potential. A seasoned tech industry leader, Luke previously held C-level roles at scaling martech and fintech companies, including Yieldify, Red Deer, and Maxymiser.

Luke brings more than 25 years of industry experience and knowledge to his role as Chief Exec at Fuse — a position that sees him steering all aspects of company leadership, commercial stewardship, and strategic governance.

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Florence Carter
VP of People 

Flo joined the Fuse leadership team in September 2021 bringing over 16 years' experience in HR & talent development, predominantly at technology start ups and scale-ups. with her. As VP of People, Flo is responsible for our global people strategy and talent development. 

In her downtime, Flo enjoys long countryside walks, fine dining, and doing HIIT and weights classes at the gym. 

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Peter Sen
Peter Sen
Chief Technologist

Peter joined Fuse in January 2021 to drive our technology forward, with a focus on serverless cloud and data architectures.

With him, he brings over 30 years’ experience in delivering transformative IT solutions to the public and private sectors.

Peter enjoys playing the drums with his blues band and riding motorcycles.

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Rhys Giles
Rhys Giles
VP of Product
Rhys has over 15 years of experience in learning strategy and technologies, and joined the Fuse Tribe after being a client — twice! As Product Director, he works across the business to shape and deliver the Fuse product.
When not building the future of learning, Rhys writes and performs comedy, plays the piano, and is a long-suffering Arsenal fan!
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Gary Harrison
VP of Services and Support
Gary is responsible for the service Fuse provides to its clients, whether that’s best of breed in life support from our Client Success and Support functions or onboarding to the Fuse family through our Implementation team.
Gary is driven to provide our clients with the best experience possible. Gary has over 25 years of experience in Client Support and IT roles.
Gary has worked his way up through various technical analyst roles to manage large infrastructure projects across local government, Education, Healthcare and Finance industries.
Outside of work Gary enjoys being outside in the wild, he is a Group Scout Leader in which he enjoys delivering adventurous activities to young people locally.
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