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Why Fuse?

Creating Learning Cultures Geared for Performance

Fuse takes a people-centric approach to learning, so everyone can know what they need to perform, in-context and in the flow of work.

Our Methodology

Knowledge on the Job Boosts Performance

Learning starts with consuming knowledge. That’s why we have built our methodology into The Fuse Engine to bring knowledge into the flow of work. When people are free to pursue their own active learning experience and to follow their curiosity, they can push past their boundaries of performance and do great things.


Foundational Knowledge

Bite-size curated learning paths are designed according to the best-practice learning delivery methods of today, using familiar media and formats to augment traditional training.

Transfer of Knowledge to Skill

Create adaptive, personalized learning experiences with coaching and assessment tools that curate, analyze, enrich and translate content for a deep understanding.

Push Knowledge and Social Learning

Social learning moves learning in the flow of work. Active learning cultures come alive as learners connect with experts and the crowd to gain insights and new, tacit knowledge.

Knowledge in the Flow of Work Tools

Get performance support with learning in the context of work, brought into focus with pre-built dashboards designed to give actionable insights into the most common business problems.

Our Customers

Active Engagement, Business Performance

Avon Case Study Card

How Avon accelerated sales with engaged learning

Our Partners

Join in Our Journey to Make Learning Work

The Fuse Partner Program helps you build your business as we create success for our mutual customers.

Partnership Types

Fuse Partner Tribe members have the option to refer, resell or be advocates depending on what is the best fit for your clients and growth for your business.


Industry figures and influencers who are thought leaders in our industry. By invitation only.


Consultancy, implementation, and advisory services, including all aspects of learning and development, change management, and digital transformation.

Training and Content

Organisations that create, produce, manage, and deliver learning and content to other companies.


Software and technology companies that add extra value to the Fuse Platform.