L&D Business Performance Series

Beyond The Boundaries Of Individual Performance

Performance doesn't happen in isolation. It comes through learning that engages and connects individuals with the knowledge and expertise they need. Sometimes that's off the shelf content. More often it's in the minds of your best people. Which is why we wanted to put together this series to show you exactly what it takes.

5 Sessions. 5 Amazing Guests (And few surprises along the way) 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be chatting with experts and walking you through how to Design, Build, Engage and Measure learning to drive Performance.

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Hurry! The Second Session Goes Live on September 3, 2020


Register Once and Get Access to All 5!

  • #Design On-demand

    How To Design A Purposeful Learning Experience For Your People

    Far too often when designing learning experiences, we forget who we’re designing for and why they need it. We spend months creating content only to find that it's never used, and delivers little value.

    In the first webinar in our series, you'll learn:

    • Why learning design needs to be purposeful
    • How to plan purposeful learning
    • What skills are needed to deliver real value using digital learning 

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    Ilona Brannen
    Head of Presales
  • #Build Thursday 3rd September @ 16:00 BST

    How To Build An Active Learning Engine That Keeps People Coming Back For More

    You now understand what the business needs (demanding bunch aren’t they!). Now it's time to connect the business goals with the learning experience and create a great impression. In this session, we talk about how to build learning experiences around an active learning framework that can deliver measurable business impact. 

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    • How to build and facilitate learning that solves business problems 
    • How you can use an active learning model to build a continuous learning culture that delivers learning in the moment  
    • How you can democratise learning to make it scalable. 

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    Rhys Giles
    Rhys Giles
    Product Director
  • #Engage Thursday 17th September @ 16:00 BST

    How To Drive Purposeful Engagement With Your Audience

    So you’ve built a learning experience designed to be delivered in an engaging way. But wait! We’re not done just yet. How do you keep people coming back for more after you’ve hit the share button? In this next session, we’ll be talking about purposeful engagement, the tactics and metrics that matter.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    • Why ongoing engagement is the only way to drive performance
    • How to engage your people using learning campaigns
    • What skills are needed to build an active learning community
    Shane Coady-Barrett
    Shane Coady-Barrett
    Fuse Community Manager
  • #Measure Thursday 1st October @ 16:00 BST

    How L&D Can Get Comfortable Talking About Data

    Oh no, not the D-Word! Whenever Data is mentioned around L&D folk, blood pressures rise. Not because they don’t want to measure what they're doing, there's just no clear instruction about what to measure, and how. In this session, we'll discuss practical steps to start measuring and making data-driven decisions.

    • Why measurement is L&Ds best friend 
    • How to use measurement to communicate with the business
    • What skills are needed to craft data-driven stories

    Emma Schul

    Emma Schul
    Product Manager and Data SME
    Alice (Thompson) Collier-Niblett 
    Learning and Development Specialist at Monzo Bank 
  • #Performance Thursday 15th October @ 16:00 BST

    How To Talk Learning Performance With The Business

    You made it! In this final session, we’ll be tying everything together. Explaining how performance is driven using continuous experimentation of each of the disciplines covered in this series. We'll show you how to take what you've learned and sell it to the business in a language they'll understand.

    • Why the language of the business is the only way to communicate performance 
    • How experimentation drives faster results
    • What skills are needed to experiment effectively
    Dave Westwood
    Dave Westwood
    Director of Consulting EMEA

Two Day Virtual Summit

Why not join us for our Two Day Virtual Summit coming this November?

Heaps more content, and you’ll hear from industry learning leaders, guest speakers and Fuse experts as they discuss how to drive performance using digital learning. Sessions will cover everything from Designing, Building, Engaging and Measuring learning.

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