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Rapid onboarding
(and reduced time to productivity)

An insurance industry use case

Employee onboarding is an expensive business. According to SHRM, it costs the average company six to nine months of an employee’s salary to identify and onboard their replacement. Yikes. Organisations clearly need to optimise onboarding at every opportunity - and not just to support employee engagement and retention, but to reduce time to productivity and protect profit.

Here’s how one Fuse customer is using our platform to support rapid onboarding and accelerate time to productivity... 

Leading pet insurance tech unicorn, Bought By Many, had been growing rapidly before Covid, but it was the ensuing ‘puppy pandemic’ that catapulted growth to exponential levels, with the company’s cats and dogs division more than doubling in growth over the past year alone.

Of course, with rapid growth comes the need to hire people quickly, at scale - and in this case, in a remote working environment. But not just that, company leaders also knew they needed to deliver consistently great employee onboarding experiences in order to reduce time to competency, drive performance, and support retention. 

As Oke Eleazu, Chief Operating Officer at Bought By Many, explains:
We doubled our growth during an economic recession - that’s an amazing result, but it gives you an insight into how quickly we needed to onboard people and bring them up to speed in a very short space of time. 
“Most of our employees are still less than a year into their tenure and so they need continual access to knowledge in order to perform. Fuse not only facilitates that, but does so in a way that engages people and delivers a great employee experience.”  

Fuse: facilitating fast-growtH

So how exactly does Fuse enable rapid onboarding for Bought By Many, and how does the platform connect its learners with the knowledge they need to perform at work? 

Having gone from onboarding two or three new hires a month to an average of twenty or more, the Bought By Many team credits Fuse as being an invaluable ‘one stop shop’ for all things employee training, whether it’s navigating new business systems, processing customer claims, getting up to speed with the latest marketing offers, or even swotting up on a specific dog breed. All of this expert knowledge and information is housed within Fuse and available to employees via a blend of virtual classrooms and informal access to knowledge on demand.  


Accelerating time to employee performance 

The biggest benefit to business here is that Fuse enables Bought By Many to manage and implement continual change in a much faster and more agile way. What would otherwise take months to deliver in a classroom training setting, has been reduced to minutes. Literally, months to minutes. Just imagine the benefits that creates in business productivity - and profitability - terms.

As Oke explains:

“Fuse enables us to provide new starters with 24/7 access to the best and most relevant learning content so they can easily and instantly access it at point of need - and in the flow of work.

The upshot of that is that we can onboard a new employee on Monday and have them reach productivity and performance that same week. Fuse enables us to achieve this at scale and because of that, the platform is very much a critical growth enabler for us.”


Instant access to knowledge 

Especially key to both learning and business outcomes, has been the ability for Bought By Many employees to dip in and out of the Fuse platform in order to access and revisit the exact knowledge they need, right when they need it.

As Oke explains:

Fuse enables us to onboard people extremely quickly because it places all of the knowledge they might need at the employee’s fingertips. That lends a level of reassurance to our new employees, and to us as a business. The employee is empowered to revisit content as and when they need, which both eliminates the need for employees to retain vast amounts of knowledge, and translates into better customer experiences.

In fact, with the speed at which Bought By Many is scaling, the team has now also put plans in place to begin using Fuse for employee ‘pre-boarding’ - a move that will further accelerate time to performance and drive tangible bottom line benefit.

Download a PDF version of this use case here.