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How Fuse Supports Personalised Customer Service in Hearing Healthcare


Whether it's healthcare, retail, telco, manufacturing - or any other industry sector, customers the world over have come to expect great service. More than product or price, customer experience is now the primary driver of brand loyalty - and especially against the backdrop of Covid.

As customers seek to reinstate the human and relatable experiences that the pandemic has restricted, it’s no surprise that 93% of customers say they’re likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent service

In the current climate, though, delivering great customer service comes with added complexities. Businesses have to consider a plethora of new and unique customer expectations, and many need to rapidly onboard new employees in the midst of the Great Resignation.

So what’s the solution?

Here’s how one Fuse customer - the global hearing healthcare provider, Demant Group - is using our platform to support personalised customer service and build repeat business…

Powering personalised healthcare

Demant is a world-leading hearing healthcare and technology group that offers innovative technologies, solutions, and know-how to improve people’s health and hearing. The group’s retail division provides hearing care solutions to more than 2,000 clinics in 22 countries worldwide. 

It can be said that hearing loss is as “unique as a fingerprint” - and it’s statement that explains the company’s commitment to delivering tailored customer experiences that build long-term loyalty. To achieve this, the Demant Group engaged Fuse to empower its clinic coordinators with access to the knowledge they need to deliver a personalised customer experience, every time.

As Viivi Vepsä, Senior Learning Architect at Demant, explains:

Many people who suffer from hearing loss are also senior citizens who are likely to be living with other medical conditions. That calls for more than just competent customer service - it requires our clinic coordinators and audiologists to deliver the highest standards of service.

“Fuse provides an easy and effective way to facilitate that because the platform enables our clinic personnel to search for and access the exact knowledge they need, right when they need it. That can be anything from finding the right script for how to ask for and capture a third party, to understanding how certain technology best aids the customer. That knowledge, combined with key learning plans, is enabling our hearing healthcare colleagues to deliver personalised service - and in a very sensitive manner.”

Building a consistent brand experience 

As well as supporting personalised customer service, Fuse is also enabling consistent hearing healthcare experiences across borders - something that’s an even greater win considering the decentralised nature of the Demant Group.

Viivi explains:

“We have five different business areas under the Demant Group umbrella and we wish to consolidate from a multiple LMS model to one universal learning and performance support platform. As well as presenting obvious cost-savings, the thinking behind that is to create a corporate google; one location to search for answers, and share best practices and ideas in a safe space where people can learn together. We knew that would be key to ensuring a more consistent brand experience across our clinics.”

Today, Fuse is providing +4,000 of Demant’s hearing care colleagues with one place to access, consume, and share knowledge. But not only that - the platform’s in-built auto-translation has also removed language barriers, creating a thriving corporate knowledge bank that is being continuously used to support world-class customer service and build brand.


Knowledge-access that drives the top line 

And it shows.

Engagement with the Fuse platform was quick to take off amongst Demant’s hearing care colleagues - a factor that Viivi attributes to “subject matter experts being able to easily share their knowledge, and our sales trainers being able to tap in and out of that to drive high performance.”

In fact, in one EU market, there are also early indications of a link between engagement with the Fuse platform, increased sales performance, and improved customer retention.

Ready to unlock knowledge and start powering personalised customer service in your organisation? Get in touch with the Fuse team today.

Download a PDF version of this use case here.