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Platform Capabilities

Fuse Learning Platform

Connect your employees and create deeper learning experiences to ignite their performance.


Enable your entire organisation to share their expertise through:


Spark conversation and drive deeper learning with:


Measure the impact of learning on performance using:

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Why Fuse?

Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.


Tips, and best practices on modern learning and engagement.

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Fuse Learning Platform.
Deep learning that fuels business performance.

Ignite your people’s performance

Engage learners and connect them with the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their skills and perform, in context and in-flow.


Drive measurable organisational performance

Move from low performance, course-centric strategies to driving measurable organisational performance.


Make core knowledge better and more accessible

Tools curate, analyse, enrich and translate content for a deep understanding which means learners experience an accurate, personalised search.


Close the gap on interpretation, application, and performance

Knowledge is delivered and consumed within a context through peer-supported practice and performance support when on the job.


Build competence and expertise

Practice and feedback drive a cycle of application that builds competence and, in time, expertise.


Provide safe spaces to practice

Fuse provides safe spaces for learning through experiences, communities, events, comprehension assessments etc.


Tap into tacit knowledge and skill capital

Once learners are experts they then contribute through social contexts and create new knowledge. An active learning culture evolves through this creation of experts.

Ignite L&D that fuels business performance

Find out why a learning culture is all about active engagement
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Intelligent Knowledge Management

  • Automatically translated, transcribed and tagged content
  • Content and Learning management
  • Crowd-sourced tacit knowledge

Communities of Practice & Social Learning

  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • User-generated content - including video!

Smart Personalisation

  • Contextual recommendations
  • Dynamic audiences and layouts

Coaching & feedback

  • Formal & Informal events
  • Coaching & feedback tools: 121s, observations
  • Assessments

Support in the workflow

  • Search-driven performance support
  • Mobile app

Performance Enablement

  • Performance analysis and the toolset for value-based learning design
  • Actionable analytics to making data-driven learning decisions