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Learning and Knowledge Platform for Enterprise

Knowledge That Activates Results

Fuse makes knowledge accessible for enterprises, delivered in context at the point of need in the workflow. When you use social learning to unlock the tacit knowledge on your team, you’ll make learning a daily practice that drives engagement and performance.

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How Fuse Benefits You

Connect Learning With Purpose and Performance

Fuse’s content and social structure have people coming back for more as they pursue their own active learning experience with purpose. You can bring together content tools and information sources in a modern, engaging, and accessible way that creates a corporate brain. This social learning approach shines through when you champion the human in the learning process and shake off the constraints of passive, course-based learning.


Create a Culture of Learning

The social nature of Fuse’s Learning Platform enables informal learning and captures crowdsourced tacit knowledge. Learners connect with experts and the crowd to gain insights and new, tacit knowledge.


Activate Knowledge in the Flow

Learning is embedded through practical application whilst on the job. Fuse supports learners in the flow by breaking down barriers to knowledge and enabling answers to questions through intelligent search via desktop and app.


Reduce the Noise

Smart personalisation delivers access to only the content that is contextually relevant for you and reduces content overload. Relevant experience deepens trust in the platform and drives continuous learning habits.

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Offer Safe Space for Practice

Learning doesn’t stop when the knowledge is consumed — it starts! Fuse enables you to create safe spaces that drive a cycle of application. You build competence and, in time, expertise.


Deliver Efficient Feedback

Coaching and assessment tools capture feedback as objectives and accelerate coaching. Your people get a better learning experience that is human-first and AI-powered, so coaches, experts, and the crowd can practice and get feedback.


Unparalleled Actionable Insights

Pre-built dashboards give insights into the most common business problems and allow instant, actionable analytics. You can also build insights from the 330 data points with our Analyser tool to drive data-driven decision-making in L&D and beyond.

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How does Fuse use AI?

Powering Your Corporate Brain

Powered by Microsoft and Google, AI makes Fuse intelligent. Our AI dives into every piece of content — every video, presentation, document, and photo — and generates rich metadata and tags for keywords, subjects, people, skills, and more. Then, this understanding allows your employees to make natural language searches and access all the available knowledge within your organisation, including connected systems like LinkedIn Learning. With Fuse AI, it’s easy for employees to find the contextually relevant information they need, just like they do in search engines every day.

How is Fuse different from an LMS?

Active Engagement Drives Business Results

Most organisations find that their Learning Management System (LMS) only gets used a few times a year for compliance training. That equates to weekly usage of 2% to 3%. Fuse believes what employees need is the knowledge to do their jobs every day — performance enablement delivered in the context of work and available in the flow of work. That's what Fuse does, and it's also why we see weekly usage of 80% to 90% and a much higher company NPS score (84%) compared with those who participate in traditional formal training (12%).

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How is Fuse different from an LXP?

Unlock Tacit Knowledge From Your Organisation

Fuse drives business performance with contextually relevant information from your subject-matter experts delivered in the flow of work. Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are designed to drive consumption with recommendations based on high-level skill requirements from third-party content libraries. Fuse lets you create deep learning experiences in the flow of work and in-context, so you’ll have superior learning outcomes and a more highly skilled workforce.

Fuse for Extended Enterprise

Training That Engages Customers and Partners

When you use Fuse as an extended enterprise training solution, you can see the measurable engagement of your customers, partners, and suppliers, as well as a clear connection to performance and revenue. You can design programmes specific to each audience that offer global governance and multilingual capabilities along with local flexibility. You can also drive platform consolidation with a single location for learning and communication that lowers your overall technology spend. Best of all, you can extend your team’s knowledge rapidly, which allows you to respond to change and keep up with the pace of business today.

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Fuse Insights

Research: Brandon Hall Group on Learner Engagement

Research from Brandon Hall Group found that course-centric learning lacks a connection with business and performance outcomes. Although course-centric learning defines much of corporate learning today, this approach cannot keep up with the speed of change, nor can it provide adequate performance support.

Fuse Customers

How Learning Cultures Get Work Done

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