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What You Need to Know Before You Buy

How do you measure the effectiveness of LMS and LXP?

What You'll Learn in This Chapter:

It’s important to objectively measure the outcomes and ROI of your learning system. Measurement ensures you are meeting business goals and objectives with your L&D.The good news is that there are many ways to measure the effectiveness of your LMS and LXP. Here we offer a few:



Observe on-the-job application of newly acquired knowledge

Observation of the employee using the newly acquired skill is one way to measure the effectiveness of a course. This is a performance-based measurement that helps show if your LMS/LXP was effective in training.



Use scenarios and simulations

Modeling a learned technique through role-playing and scenarios is a good way to measure the performance of your LMS/LXP. Simulations allow the user to practice what they are taught before they use it.



Use performance goals

Performance goals, such as the number of days with no accidents or a lower percentage of failed QC pieces, are a way to tell if your LMX/LXP is working.



Leverage assessments

The use of tests and assessments can tell you how much of the information the user retained. These can be used directly after a course or within a few months of passing a course.



Promote social learning

Encourage interaction and further study using information from social media, blogs, LinkedIn Learning, Twitter, and Facebook.



Create an open feedback loop

Those who use an open feedback loop to determine the level of engagement by the users and the accuracy of the information can measure effectiveness simply by the feedback.



Measure active usage

You can measure your effectiveness by how engaged the users are. Do they come back to the platform to continue learning? How often? What are they learning? These data points can help you to meet your business goals.



Monitor Performance vs. completion KPIs

Using a platform that measures performance over simple completion rates allows you to truly measure the effectiveness of your learning platform. Employees may have several certificates, but if they don’t use the knowledge, they will lose it.