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What You Need to Know Before You Buy

What are some LMS alternatives?

What You'll Learn in This Chapter:



What are LMS/LXP alternatives?

LMS/LXP alternatives go a step further. They break knowledge out of the course box and bring it into the real world. They offer knowledge in the flow of work. Their AI engine reads, watches, and listens to tacit knowledge, videos, PDFs, and more to get the answer to a question in the flow of work. They empower the user to learn in the middle of their work and help them to retain that knowledge better. They include an open feedback loop to help measure the effectiveness of the information and use Natural Language Processing to get the right answer at the right time.



What are the advantages of LMS/LXP alternatives?

Access to knowledge at the point of need

Have answers to employees’ questions in the palm of their hand as they work.

Add context to learning

By allowing user-generated/owned content, you deliver how to do something in the context to which it is to be done as opposed to delivering generic content a user has to figure out how to apply in their role.

Performance focused

Instead of focusing on course completion, an LMS/LXP alternative focuses on the improvement of performance in the flow of work.

Knowledge access

LMS/LXP alternatives take knowledge out of the course box and put it into the flow of work.

Purpose-driven social learning

LMS/LXP alternatives use purpose-driven social learning so that tacit knowledge is spread and shared more universally throughout the company.


Alternatives to LMS/LXP use learning moments when answering a question, which is practical and keeps employees in the flow of work, not waiting to finish a course and taking a test.

Completion + consumption + engagement

An LMS/LXP alternative goes beyond completion to actual consumption at the point of work, which brings about more engagement and faster learning.

Higher retention

Retention is higher when users learn in the flow of their work. An LMS/LXP alternative can bring you higher retention.

More active users

An engaged workforce means better performance. LMS/LXP alternatives show greater engagement from employees and richer learning.

Increase in revenue

An engaged workforce learns faster, which improves their performance. And improved performance equals higher revenue and better business outcomes.



What are the benefits of alternatives to LMS/LXP?

Knowledge in the flow of work

Having knowledge in the flow of work allows users to use the information immediately and increases their retention and engagement.

Increased accessibility to the full corporate brain

Alternatives to LMS/LXP are able to combine knowledge from other systems, pictures, videos, PDFs, and even tacit knowledge to give easy access to the full corporate brain.


A good LMS/LXP alternative uses an AI-powered engine to search all relevant information, and then uses Natural Learning Process to get the right answer to the right person at the right time in bite-size, easy-to-digest formats.



What are the best alternatives to LMS/LXP?

Fuse is one of the best alternatives to an LMS/LXP. The top 25 can be found here.

fuse_pink_logo (2)



What is the Fuse Learning and Knowledge Platform?

Fuse is the Learning and Knowledge Platform for enterprises that gets the tacit knowledge outside of the heads of your experts and into the flow of work. Fuse works where your employees do, turning skills into habits that support higher performance.

Unlike traditional LMSs or LXPs, Fuse is designed to help your employees by supporting performance with knowledge accessible at the moment of need, as well as contributing knowledge as they share and learn from one another. When you use social learning to unlock the tacit knowledge on your team, you’ll make learning a daily practice that drives engagement and performance.

Used by over 150 progressive organisations worldwide, including Hilti, Vodafone, Panasonic, Scandic, and Avon, Fuse enables organisations to move from course-centric strategies to optimised engagement approaches that align with business outcomes.