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Knowledge in the flow

Get knowledge out of the box
and in the flow

Knowledge in the flow

Unlock your company’s knowledge

We make sense of your content and unlock the knowledge within, using Knowledge Intelligence.

Breaks the knowledge out of content and then transcribes and tags everything to make sense of it.

Remove language barriers by generating transcripts and subtitles in up to 50 languages in seconds.

Create language versions of content to deliver a more personalised experience.

Works across your existing videos and documents, reducing implementation times and effort.


Knowledge in the flow

Search it. Find it. Solve it.

We have the learning industry's most powerful deep search engine to get your workforce to the knowledge they need quickly

Fuse searches inside your content dramatically improving relevancy.

Employees can use natural language to mirror the Google search experience.

Make use of our powerful filters to quickly find what you need when you don’t know what to search for.

Knowledge in the flow

fuse your knowledge
into the
flow of work

We connect your workforce to knowledge and learning, whilst keeping them in the flow of work to stay productive. Our fuse Flow product line covers different parts of the workflow to match your work environment:

MS teams - knowledge in the flow page


The MS Teams app surfaces personalised knowledge feeds, key learning plans and deep search where your workforce collaborates every day.



The Browser Extension extends deep search into your existing corporate platforms and proactively matches content to the page - even in custom-built platforms.

Learn more about fuse as an LMS here: