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A community of learning leaders and professionals to exchange ideas, share stories, and learn new skills.

Video Production

If you've got a smartphone your capable of producing a great video. We'll teach you how to make every moment count by showing you how to interview, capture the essence of a story and produce a high-quality finish.


Have you got a complex concept to explain?  We'll teach you how to distil the most complex subjects and create engaging animations so that everyone can understand the core concepts.

Experience Design

How do you design for the business outcome you need? We'll explain how to use content, page design, and structure to take your learners on a journey rather than force them down a linear path.

Community Management

How do you build a thriving community of continuous learners? We'll cover core concepts, engagement techniques and provide you with tools to keep the conversations flowing.

Data Analysis

How do you tell a story with your data? Our in-house data science team will breakdown how to approach data and create an easy to use framework to learn from.

Performance Consulting

How do you take the business outcomes you need and make them actionable? We'll share tips and tools to help you understand the language, model the outcomes, and design the best route for success.

Tribe Academy is a free new learning community from Fuse. It includes how-tos, practical tools and resources, fireside chats; and interviews with the most courageous minds across learning and business. As the pace of business accelerates, our goal is to help you create engaging content and build a culture of continuous learning for you and your business.

Say hello to the Tribe.


Tribe Members will get access to

  • Expert-level content across 6 skills.
  • Access to exclusive webinars and events.
  • Tailored practical tools and resources designed to help you engage learners.
  • Connect with the global L&D community and grow personally and professionally.

Tribe Academy
Coming Early 2020

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