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Fuse is a modern learning, knowledge and communications platform, designed to support continuous, social, blended and mobile learning. Fuse integrates seamlessly into a company’s existing infrastructure or adds the modern elements that legacy platforms need to fully engage their communities. Our customers have chosen us because we offer a unique proposition that combines learning, communication and knowledge sharing in one platform across all devices.


Fuse is a social knowledge sharing tool that revolutionises the way people communicate, collaborate and learn at work, it provides an effective way of transforming your people’s knowledge into social learning experiences. Fuse connects people to knowledge. It enables people to communicate and collaborate effectively with each other, across all levels of an organisation. It facilitates the creation of communities of practice, supportive communities and it allows people to get recognition for the contributions they make.

Fuse can be accessed via desktop, mobile device or the Fuse Apps.


Fuse Create is a team of talented, creative and highly experienced designers who combine their own skills with the company’s unique process ‘The Fuse Formula’ to deliver highly engaging, short, succinct videos. Whether it’s creating high-end, client-facing videos, simplifying a complex idea or concept with comprehensive and engaging visuals, turning a static training book into an engaging training video or capturing procedural or technical information, Fuse Create has the service for you. It is quick, simple and effective. Our process requires minimal time and effort from the subject matter expert, yet the message is captured perfectly every time

The end result is more cost effective and delivered within a matter of days, whilst the quality is higher than the standard due to our unique approach and highly skilled team.


Fuse Consult are a team of transformational change specialists who draw on their industry, technical and theoretical expertise to assist your organisation on its transformational journey. Fuse recognise that implementing a new technology doesn’t always result in instant behavioural change, so the Fuse Consult team draw on their industry and technical expertise to ensure that everybody has the necessary knowledge, opportunity and reason to get the absolute most out of Fuse. The Fuse Consult team will work hand in hand with you, to ensure your transition to a knowledge sharing, collaborative workforce is as smooth as possible.