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We've worked with some of the world's leading brands to revolutionise learning in the workplace. Here's some of our success stories. We have clients across multiple sectors including: Retail and Consumer Goods, Education and Training, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Technology and Manufacturing, and Telecoms.


Overview of how Vodafone UK retail has transformed their learning strategy though the use of mobile first learning technology. There are many lessons captured here including the move  to blended learning, designing learning for mobile first, Video also briefly touches on performance support, social learning & observational software and how they all fit together.


Rhys Giles, Learning Technologies manager explains how Dixons Carphone have created a social and micro learning culture.

‘We recently introduced the Fuse social learning platform in our Dixons Carphone business. We chose it because social is integral to the experience, its built in at the heart of every feature and not a “bolted-on” afterthought. We have moved from the more traditional platform and content models to a microlearning approach wrapped in social learning.’


Gabriella Driver, Learning & Development Manager at Post Office, explains the exciting partnership that Fuse are embarking on with Post Office, who are using the Fuse platform as a supporting technology on their journey ‘to develop a Senior Leadership Team that really owns and drives the performance and growth of the organisation’.

Some more companies we are working with:

  • Vodafone UK
  • Dixons Carphone
  • Conviviality Retail
  • Panasonic
  • AAYA
  • Interxion
  • Post Office
  • Control Risks
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Haringey Council