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Fuse School is a registered charity that strives to fight inequality and to provide children with their basic right to an education.

Learn why we have set ourselves this mission:


We have one simple goal: to give every child access to an outstanding education, completely free of charge, anywhere in the world.

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The Fuse School uses the same methods that are used to create videos in our corporate business, to capture the best explanations from the best teachers and transform them into highly engaging videos.

The overall aim is to completely cover the curricula of the Sciences, Maths, English, ICT and Business for secondary education Рthrough 3500 videos all published as Open Educational Resources under a Creative Commons license. The educational videos can all be accessed free of charge via The Fuse School Platform and on our YouTube channel. Log into our platform to share and comment on videos and to upload your own material. The platform provides a structured learning experience and gives access to questions and tests. Users can join different communities where they can ask and answer questions and engage in discussions.


There are many ways to get involved:

RAISE AWARENESS: Sharing our content, videos, pages and posts with your social networks will really help The Fuse School to grow. It will enable more and more people to learn about our mission, thus generating more supporters and more learners.

DONATE: The Fuse Foundation is now a registered charity and appreciates every donation; no matter how small.

VOLUNTEER: If you would like to dedicate some of your time to developing The Fuse School then we would love to hear from you. Please contact for more details on how you can help.


We are a dedicated team of learning specialists, designers and knowledge experts who collaborate to produce engaging and informative videos.

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