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Fuse Universal Announces the Appointment of Robert Wrubel to Board of Directors

Fuse Universal announces the appointment of Robert Wrubel, Founding CEO of Ask Jeeves, to Board of Directors.   “Rob’s impressive experience across a number of important businesses adds an invaluable perspective to our Board,” said Steve Dineen, CEO of Fuse Universal.  “We appreciate his willingness to serve as a director.” “Rob’s years of Silicon Valley […]

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Fuse Universal Announced as Main Sponsor at Learning Technologies 2017

It has been a hugely exciting and successful year for Fuse clients in 2016. The Fuse Family now has over 100 clients worldwide with hundreds of thousands of people experiencing the future of learning, collaboration and performance. The Fuse Universal team is set to unveil the formula for learning engagement success at stand M3, to help […]

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Fuse Universal expands into Nordic market with a new partner, BLENDIT LEARNING

Fuse Universal is delighted to announce the recent partnership with BLENDIT LEARNING, an expert in the digital learning industry based in Aalborg, Denmark. The partnership offers a perfect blend of the most advanced learning technology in the market with a digital learning consultancy expert for the Nordic region. This will create a truly innovative learning experience […]

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Charles Jennings announced as the guest speaker for the Fuse Networking Soirée

The Fuse Networking Soirée will connect over 300 professionals from across the learning and development industry and it is hosted by Fuse Universal, one of the world’s leading learning technologies company. The event will provide the attendees with an outstanding business networking experience and the opportunity to hear the latest in the industry from world […]

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E-Learning – What does this even mean anymore? David Westwood, Head of Learning Architecture, Fuse Universal

“The term e-learning is one which has been in use since 2000, prior to this, we had a computer based training or even video/DVD/CD based training.” The term today though has almost ceded any usefulness due to the myriad ways in which it is used, described or derided. If I were to ask most people within the […]

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Why Mobile Learning? Steve Dineen, Fuse Universal CEO

It’s been an exciting journey to be one of the pioneers of implementing mobile learning into corporate organisations. I’ve done this both with Fuse, and through our charity, FuseSchool. “It’s been interesting to see how our initial thinking has been superseded by learners’ behaviours and how we’ve had to re-shape our thinking to fit in with new learner […]

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World of Learning: Fuse Universal will be unveiling the hottest learning technology trends

World of Learning Conference, Fuse Universal is exhibiting and presenting on the 19th and 20th of October in Birmingham. Registration is open online and Fuse is on stand #E60. Fuse couldn’t miss the chance in attending this great two-day conference, jam-packed full of interesting workshops, one-to-one consultations and free seminars from more than 100 exhibitors, focusing […]

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Why do LMSs fail? An engagement issue explained by Steve Dineen, Fuse Universal CEO

“I have been in the learning technology industry from its birth in the late 90’s where the first generation of e-learning companies focused on building SCORM courses & selling LMS’s. Although, I grew the company to 200 people, won E-learning Awards and served 1/2 of the FTSE 100, neither my team nor I could find […]

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Learning as an Employee Engagement Tool by Josh Bersin

Here at Fuse Universal, we like to disrupt the workplace learning sector, driving the latest advances in learning technology and solutions. But we also keep in close contact with the industry thought leaders, discussing insights and opinions on the direction of travel for learning. With this in mind, we recently interviewed Josh Bersin, globally recognised […]

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Unleash the Potential of Mobile Learning

How often do you think your employees checked their phones today? A lot right? Checking what their friends are up to, updating their status and, perhaps more surprisingly, learning.  Both in and outside of the workplace, people are increasingly turning to channels like YouTube & Pinterest for quick ‘how to’s’ – helping them to improve […]

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Why should your organisation adopt the 702010 learning model?

Holistic, continuous learning is frequently bandied about as the answer in conversations and articles about how we should approach learning to get the best from our employees – but how many organisations do you know that actually adopt this approach in everyday life? Does your business? What is 70:20:10? For those of you who don’t […]

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Benefits of a SaaS Learning Management System

Why should you move your learning to the cloud? Freedom. Software as a Service (SaaS) has transformed the way businesses operate these days. IT infrastructure that is owned, provided and managed by one or more external source (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure) is running through the heart of many global companies. They […]

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Thank you for Another Great Year Together!

2015 is nearly over and we would like to thank you for working with us throughout the year. As we’re all getting into the Christmas mood, looking for the last few presents….imagine Oxford Street after 6pm…. wait, no don’t do that! Instead imagine hot chocolate on the sofa watching a Christmas movie with the ones […]

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Out with the old and in with the new – is it the end of Annual Performance Reviews?

Business efficiency, achieving higher profits and reducing the bottom line are all aims for most organisations…but what is the one fundamental factor for success on a daily basis?  Your people. As Ronald Reagan said, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people […]

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Fuse wins at E-learning awards

‘Tell me who your customers are and I will tell you who you are’, amazing results with our clients awards submission. Clients are the best example of a product and we were happy with the results we achieved with our customers yesterday evening at the E-learning Awards. At around 6.30pm more than 700 guests gathered […]

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Learning and Development in Digital Economy

Is learning delivery ready for the digital era? According to the Darwinian theory of natural selection, not the strongest, not the most intelligent, but only the most adaptable survives. Everything is being digitised and the prefix ‘smart’ has been added as a default to nearly every word in the modern vocabulary. From technology markets to […]

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Learning At The Heart Of The Business

David Westwood, Head of Learning Architecture at Fuse Universal, shares six simple tips on how to use technology to transform the way learning is delivered in your company and improve business performance.  1.SAME GOAL FOR ALL ALIGN TO THE NEEDS OF THE BUSINESS AND DRIVE CHANGES IN PERFORMANCE At Fuse we believe the time is […]

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Invasion of the Learning Zombies – How to Resurrect Your Learner Engagement

Let’s face it – much of the training that employees are required to complete in the workplace these days is boring and unengaging. We have all been there, clicking through lots of training and documents that just need to be gone through as part of a compliance box ticking exercise. Yes, next, next, tick that, […]

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Not ‘management systems’ anymore…Modern Learning System is now in town!

Learning is a journey that is continuously evolving – a path that needs to involve, embrace and engage the learners. Benjamin Franklin’s quote: ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”, pretty much nailed it. Being part of a community and a willingness to contribute and share knowledge, […]

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10 Practical Ways Technology Can Improve The Onboarding Experience

As a business, we’re always looking to attract, retain and develop top talent. Making sure new hires are onboarded well provides the foundations for future success. Of course hiring the right people in the first place is important, but whether those people sink or swim is often down to their first few months on the […]

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The Perfect Recipe For Hosting A Community – Part 2

 Originally by Danielle Hamilton Danielle Hamilton, Learning Architect at Fuse Universal, shares part 2 of her perfect recipe for hosting a community. Think of it like a recipe for hosting a dinner party, but the party’s virtual and the knowledge and collaboration are on the menu. If you haven’t had a chance to read Part […]

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The Perfect Recipe For Hosting A Community – Part 1

By Danielle Hamilton Danielle Hamilton, Learning Architect at Fuse Universal, shares her perfect recipe for hosting a community. Think of it like a recipe for hosting a dinner party, but the party’s virtual and the knowledge and collaboration are on the menu. First up, make an action plan! You’d never host a dinner party without […]

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3 Gen Y Trends Transforming Learning In The Workplace

Workplace learning is undergoing one of its biggest transformations. Gone are the days of working through dry learning manuals and “click next” SCORM courses. They just don’t cut it anymore, especially for the generation Y workforce who are digital natives and have high expectations when it comes to information being literally at their fingertips. Workplace […]

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Designing The Perfect Blend – Part 2

Originally by David Westwood Yesterday, I introduced the 4 steps that I think about when designing a blended learning programme. I explained that I start with the end goal and work back from there. In part 2, I’ll explain the 4 steps in more detail. 1 – Knowledge, Skill or Behavior – What Are We Looking to […]

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Designing The Perfect Blend – Part 1

Originally by David Westwood Ok, so straight away let’s clear something up. Rather than starting by jumping straight into what a blend is, let’s start with what it’s not! Blended learning is NOT simply taking an existing 1hr long SCORM course and sticking it on the front of a face to face event as ‘pre-learning’! So, […]

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Fuse closes $10 million investment round

    Fuse Universal announces $10million growth capital investment to disrupt the global learning technology market. Education Growth Partners invests $10million to bolster traction in Corporate and Higher Education markets, expand sales & services operations in London, Cape Town and New York and accelerate the product roadmap. Fuse Universal (Fuse) is a global learning technology company […]

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7 Advantages of Knowledge Sharing Organisations

Our business is built around a belief that the sharing of knowledge within an organisation will increase performance, improve employee engagement and create happier customers. Here’s 7 reasons why. 1 – Knowledge sharing speeds up response times: If you know who to go to within an organisation, you don’t waste time searching for the right […]

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The Crowd Is The Font Of All Knowledge

Originally by David Westwood Look around your organisation, your friends or even your family. Do you believe that everyone has knowledge of value, that’s worth sharing? The 70/20/10 model is now a widely accepted view of workplace ‘learning’, even if the ratios are slightly contentious. 70% of our knowledge is believed to be gained through […]

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5 Reasons Why Gamification Is Integral To Your E-learning Strategy

The 70/20/10 model is now a widely accepted view of workplace ‘learning’. 70% of our knowledge is believed to be gained through the day to day experiences of doing one’s job, 20% is gained through ‘social’ discussions with peers and 10% is gained from formal interventions. But how do individuals learn? Most people recall just […]

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6 Tips for Crowd-Sourcing Learning

Originally By David Westwood Ask an individual how they learn a new skill or concept outside of work and they will probably highlight a range of crowd sourced material, be it through articles and posts collated and curated through a Google search, through watching a short low budget YouTube clip or through asking a question on […]

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3 Benefits of Social Learning

What exactly is social learning? It’s a term that’s bandied around the learning tech industry and if you paid a visit to the Learning Technologies show earlier this year, you will have seen it pasted on the stands of most of the learning technology companies that were exhibiting. But what does it actually mean? Social […]

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Moving From a Traditional Learning Management System To Fuse

In this case study, David Westwood interviews Richard Gregory about moving from a traditional learning management system to a social learning platform – and the resulting impact on engagement and performance at Rentokil Initial. Rentokil Initial, one of the world’s largest business services companies, operating in the major economies of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific […]

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Video within corporates: It’s time to press play

10 years ago, when you bought a flat-pack bookshelf from Ikea, you were likely to fall into one of three categories- You put your powers of persuasion to the test and managed to get your Dad/ Partner/ Practical Aunt Pamela to come and build it for you You ripped open the packaging, disregarded the instructions […]

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Fuse Muses as Perry Timms Presents:

Social Media and People Development Professionals, Practice makes Purpose I’m sure most of you have heard of Perry Timms. He’s an eloquent and charismatic HR practitioner who (as he puts it) is ‘Changing the world of work; one conversation at a time.’ He was introduced to Fuse about 6 months ago and subsequently agreed to […]

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When new thinking fuses with networking – a Fuse Universal event

It’s a damp Wednesday evening, Mid-January at the very cool Malmaison Hotel near Smithfield Market.  Learning afficionados, digital enthusiasts and development practitioners assembled through the inviate of Fuse Universal in a social gathering to meet, drink and be merry. It’s easy these days to email out some glossy blurb; pop some links in a social […]

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