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The Fuse team is at the forefront of online learning. The team’s collective experience includes designing online learning and knowledge solutions for over half of the FTSE 100 and over 50 Fortune 500 companies.
Our commercial team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the learning and knowledge industry.


As well as employing some of the most experienced individuals within the learning community, some of the most creative individuals within the design industry, and some of the most caring individuals within customer services, Fuse boasts an extensive network of “best of breed” partners and ambassadors from across the world. If you would like to join the Fuse Family please get in touch. Click here to view all the available positions.


The core team at Fuse was born out of the E-Learning company Fuel and continues its legacy of quality and innovation. Following Fuel and during a year of non-compete, Steve Dineen, CEO and Founder, set himself an immense goal; to create a social enterprise that would provide worldwide access to high quality education, completely free of charge.

It was this challenge to ‘revolutionise the education system’ that drove Fuse’s innovation and led to the creation of the transformative, cutting edge technology and content creation methodology that underpins Fuse today. Steve quickly realised that these disruptive ideas that were laying the foundations of The Fuse School could also be applied to the corporate world; this innovation quickly made waves in the Learning and Development sector in the UK.


Fuse has completely revolutionised the way people learn and collaborate. We are constantly receiving great feedback from clients about how it has boosted engagement, increased sales, saved time, enriched training experiences, stopped the ‘knowledge drain’ and empowered individuals to reach their full potential. Here is a look at some of the great feedback we have received recently.

‘How do you know when employees are engaged with learning? When learners are consistently choosing to access content on their own devices, outside working hours, you know you are doing something right.’ Mobile-first learning and communications for engagement and results by Mike Booth, Learning Technologies Manager at Vodafone UK.

ISO Registered

Fuse Universal is an ISO27001 accredited organisation. ISO2700:2013 is the globally recognised standard for Information Security Management. By gaining this accreditation customers can be confident that we adhere to and are committed to the policies and controls defined as good practice (by the ISO27001 and ISO27002 standards) for the provisioning and management of the Fuse service. To gain accreditation we are audited by an external auditor and reviewed annually to ensure that our policies and controls are followed and kept current. Find out more about ISO27001.